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Awards Night Barriers Club Med
All Shapes and Sizes Absent Hotshots
Sorcery "For Cryin' Out Loud!" "One Pie to Go!"
Junk Statuary Apartment Complex The Soaps
Klutzword Puzzle Racketeering "Open Wide!"
Getting Wind of It "Calm Down!" Scene from an Italian Restaurant
Seeing Spots Five Questions Cold Front
Jalopies Crossed Up Beat It!
Paternal Mixups Grin and Bare It Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Animal Tendencies Unknowns Shaker Stuff
The Opposition Phun Frases Come and Get It
Going Down Women's Wear Animal House
Spell It Out Butchery Where It's At
Burger Toppers Potato Salad Stuck at the Ball Game
Another Stoop-ed Puzzle Amphibious Force Rat-a-tat-tat-tat
Thievery Cow-abunga! Splat!
Scoring Politicos Neapolitan Style What in the?
From Start to Finish Buildups What It Is
Territorial Expansion In Knots Visitors
Catching the 12:48 Shouldering the Load Haley Bopping
A Dim View In the Altogether A Day at the Races
Hair Apparent Keep on Trucking CBers
Simian Sez Animal Sounds What Ails You?
Salad Daze Hard Stuff Down for the Count
Suiting Up What's Your Angle? Wooden It Be Nice?
Not Far Spot Check Destructive Forces
Rocking It All Tied Up Hiss!
Musical Notes Beastly Doings Three States
For Football Fans Only "My Foot!" Pub Crawl
Take a Letter On the Mark Tunin' Out
Hot Off the Barbecue Up in Smoke Out of Line
Greek to Me Keep Off the Grass Bringing Up the Rear
Against the Grain Hers and Hers Neat Nicknames
Something Smells in Here! Mag Rack VIP's
Vamoose! Brooklynese 101 In the Spirit
Have a Seat Bombs Away Big Stuff
Sportsmanship Frictionless Solving Musical Misters
55-Across Come, 55-Across Go Muppeteers Strung Out
Across the Board Y's Guys That's the Man!
Coin Flip Score! Beepers
Litmus Test All the Stops Way Cool
The Great Compromise A Bushel and a Peck Hub-ba Hub-ba
A Comedy of Errors Crunch Time Uncommitted
In the Nik of Time Getting Sentenced Unlucky Numbers
In the Black Auto Solving CD Collection
Paper Playin' Off the Wall Diamond Angling
Young 'Uns Taking the Cake Animal Tendencies
It's Elementary Crown Me! Y's Up
Puzzle for the Poor Man Decimal System Tuning Up
Out to Lunch Flip-Flops Squaring Off
Kitchen Cut-ups "Eau Neau!" "Oo, Baby!"
Going the Distance X-Tracts Mayberry Folks
Fast Asleep Zuppa di Pesce "Uncle!"
"Soo-ey!" Tooling Around Loose Vowels
Smash, Cut and Cover "Having a Ball" Thar She Blows!
Rock & Roll Heaven Professional Names Horsing Around
Pigs 4 the Fab 4 On the Up and Up
Country Folk Brain Trust Food Coloring
Order In The Court Pumping Iron Puzzle de Ville
Sourpusses The Whole Enchilada You Bug Me!
All in the Game

Barberism For the Birds Bugging Out "Catch!" Team Colors "Who's Cooking?" Crosses to Bear Errors "Get Lost!" Gift Rap Going Great Guns Getting in Your Hair The Hermitage Hi-Lo Hit Me! The Family Jewels Joint Session Laundry List Meat Market For Men Only Getting the Message Across Guys We've Met No 17's, 37's, or 58's "Ooh, You!" Oversized Pint-size Pugs Presidential Nicknames "Rack 'em Up!" Roman Around Round Things with Holes "What's Your Sign?" Suiting Up, Part II To, But Not Fro Too Late Toying Around Tree Folks Watch It! Wax and Wane Woofers Young 'Uns They're All Wet