KEVIN McCANN's CRUCIVERB-L is the hottest crossword forum on the web! If you're a crossword constructor, or would like to learn how to construct puzzles, or you just love to solve crosswords, this is the place for you! Exchange views and get tips from other solvers as well as some of the best-known constructors and editors in the crossword business.

Noted constructor RAY HAMEL has compiled the most comprehensive listing of crossword-related links in the universe! This site is a must-visit for all crossword fans.

My good friend DOUG HELLER is the webmaster of the official website of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. This tourney, which was last held in March 2003 in Stamford, Connecticut, is directed by none other than WILL SHORTZ, crossword editor of The New York Times. It's a fun-filled weekend in which America's top solvers, constructors and editors get together with hundreds of crossword fans from all over the country. Check this site out, and watch for the 2004 tourney dates!

Here's a site that offers a wide selection of crossword-themed gifts: PUZZLE PREZZENTS. Everything from T-shirts to mouse pads to tote bags to mugs. A perfect place to pick up a gift for your favorite puzzler!

Check out "Wildwords," a hot new board game that is similar to Scrabble but features "wild cards" that can stand for more than one letter!

Have children who are interested in puzzles? Visit Helene Hovenec's Helene is the premier author of children's puzzles in America today, and has authored dozens of children's puzzle books. Drop in for a visit!

You can get the New York Times crossword on-line every day. It's edited by WILL SHORTZ, a man I'm truly honored to count as a friend. And occasionally -- just occasionally -- you might find a puzzle by me here! [registration and annual fee].

Newsday fans! Pick up Stanley Newman's Creators Syndicate puzzle (the same one that appears in Newsday) right here at the Naples News website! (Download the Across Lite player first)

Here's a terrific site from the authors of Across Lite, LitSoft. There's a super collection of both conventional and cryptic crosswords in Across Lite format, including an awesome selection from Frank Longo! Check this one out!

Check out Sam Bellotto Jr.'s CrossDown puzzle-solving software right here! Also at this site: Who's Who in Crosswords (featuring a bio of yours truly)!

Check out The CrosSynergy Syndicate right here! It's one of the hottest syndicated electronic crosswords out there, featuring puzzles by top constructors Rich Norris, Bob Klahn, Mel Rosen and lots of others -- including, on occasion, yours truly! Solve on-line, or download the Across Lite player and print the puzzles out.

Here's one of the best crossword sites on the Web, including contests and word games and puzzles of all descriptons, hosted by Dave Fisher of Be sure to stop in!

Mitchell Smith's Word Puzzler's Corner features a mammoth puzzle weekly, extensive archives, and an ever-growing links page.

Here's an Across Lite site from constructor Jack Goodrich. Jack turns out several puzzles a month. Drop in and give him your support!

Stuck for a gift for your favorite puzzler? Stop in to to check out their crossword coffee mugs and Cubular Crossword Puzzle/Gift Boxes!

Here's a fine new crossword reference book, The Crossword Proper Name Finder. It's a guide for finding proper names of actors, writers, musicians, politicians, award-winners and other celebrities. Over 73,000 cross-referenced entries!

Order Gayle Dean's Word-Play Crosswords here! These puzzles feature themes from Richard Lederer's hilarious language books!

Order the party game hit, CROSSWITS, right here. In CROSSWITS, two teams compete head-to-head to solve a pair of crossword puzzles. Available directly from CROSSWITS inventor Joe Engemann or from

Here's a useful utility for solvers, ALLWORDS.COM, which lets you find words containing certain character strings or matching certain letter patterns. Multilingual search too!

The Crossworders' Dictionary and Gazetteer

* More than 6000 Equivalent pages
* Over 1000 pages of geographical reference material
* More than 1,000,000 words
* Cross referenced
* Easy word & clue search / browse
* Special gazetteer (geography) search feature (cities, rivers, coin, etc.)
* Extensive foreign language content
* Timely content (present & back 65 years)
* Content is from actual crossword puzzles
* Almanac material (nobel prizes, academy awards, Shakespeare characters)

For ordering information, go to CROSSWORDSTAR.COM.

Aussie Phill Jury has compiled a list of useful crossword software, solving programs, and reference material sites. Click HERE to visit.

Visit A1 Puzzles and Crosswords for interactive crosswords and puzzles.

At, you'll find tons of free online puzzles including free jigsaw puzzles, free online crossword puzzles and more!

Crossword Puzzle Day is December 21! Send your best friend a crossword greeting card from It's free!