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Split Decisions® was invented by the late George Bredehorn in the 1980s and has appeared in numerous publications, such as The New York Times, CROSSW RD Magazine, various Sterling publications, GAMES Magazine, and various Dell publications.

George passed away in 2012, and it was his wish that I continue creating and publishing Split Decisions® puzzles. My Split Decisions® currently appear in The New York Times and Wordplay Magazine.

In addition, I have decided to publish occasional Split Decisions® puzzles on this Web site. Hope you enjoy them!


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Here's a picture of George and me from 1958 (George was my teacher for two years):

Here's how Split Decisions® works:

The only clues you have are the letter pairs we've given you in the grid. Each answer consists of a pair of words that share the letters that you'll write in the empty squares. In the example we've given you, we've filled in the letters S, E and W to make SINEW and SCREW. A few of the entries may have more than one possible answer, but only one will fit correctly with the rest of the puzzle.



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